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GLORY TO GLORY: 7 Keys To The Uncommon Spiritual Life


Welcome to "From Glory to Glory: Seven Keys to the Uncommon Spiritual Life." I'm Chris Garcia, and I'm thrilled to introduce you to this transformative e-course inspired by my book, "From Glory to Glory." This course is designed to help you experience God's presence in your daily life and grow in deeper fellowship and communion with the Holy Spirit. Throughout this e-course, you will learn seven essential keys to living an uncommon spiritual life: Key 1: Living from the Place of Your Spirit Key 2: Your Spirit as the Receiver of God's Spirit Key 3: Waiting Upon the Lord Key 4: Drawing Near to God Key 5: Eat and Drink Key 6: Beholding His Glory Key 7: From Glory to Glory A completely FREE E-Course made possible by Father's Glory International and all of our amazing partners/donors. May it all be for the Father's Glory, click below to get started!



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