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How can you profoundly change your relationship with God? It's all about focusing on God's word and making prayer and worship a regular part of your life. It all comes down to prioritizing God in every aspect of your daily life. These are habits that are not built overnight, instead, they are built up over time. Do not fall into the trap of making radical changes that are simply unsustainable, this will always lead to disappointment. 

You can start by prioritizing meditation on Scripture, which allows the truth and wisdom of God's word to permeate every aspect of your life. Start by setting some time daily to study and reflect on God’s word, you will in turn start to cultivate a deeper understanding of God’s character and will for your life.

Supplement the above with ongoing prayer and worship, which foster intimacy with God, slowly nurturing a deeper relationship with God. As you engage in heartfelt communion with Him and offer more and more of your time as a sacrifice, you start opening the door to experiencing His presence in a profound and transformative way.

This will in turn completely change your relationship with God. 

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