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THERE IS A FAMINE in the body of Christ, particularly in the West, and that famineis called lack of fellowship or communion with God. The Western mindset is often built upon the principles of intellect, philosophy and reason. While these things are not inherently wrong, they are a far cry from the biblical approach to engaging with God. The knowledge of God is much more than intellect and reason. 


It is more than a mental understanding , rather it is deep, intimate, spiritual knowing and union with Christ. The spiritual affects the natural, and it is the intention of this short book to stir you into deeper communion with the Holy Spirit.


This book simply serves as a tool to whet the appetite of the spiritual man and should not substitute all biblical doctrine and practical living. These keys simply serve as a supplement to your quiet time with the Lord. May you increase in your awareness of God, and may you be filled with the blessing of knowing Him.

From Glory to Glory

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