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A daily devotional moment by Chris Garcia

Some people want to get ahead of God. He is praying for you so much more than you can think of in the present moment. In my mind, the way I am seeing it, or the best way I can describe it is like this. For example, I see a pot of stew being prepared, like a soup with various vegetables in it, cooking. The Lord is preparing this stew lovingly stirring it. As He is preparing the ingredients, some things that are in the stew were ready while others were not. I could see It as being similar to when a child would ask, "Is this ready yet?" "Is it time to move on? "Can we go now?" This could be related to the process of growth you might be currently experiencing in your life. Perhaps your calling or the destiny the Lord has specifically for you is related to the process you are in right now with your fellowship with the Lord. Maybe it is just you and God. Perhaps you are looking for a breakthrough in your life. Maybe you are feeling dry and stagnate and stale and the Lord would then say to you, He is preparing and stirring. He is stirring the ingredients of the plans He has for you.

Your job is to simply be patient. He is the one who pours, mixes, and adds the necessary ingredients. Not you. He is the one who is preparing the timing and the unfolding of all things concerning you. Your job is to simply sit still, be still and let Him work the processes out for you. So often we tend to rush God through our impatience. We get in the way of the purposes and the plan of God for us. What ends up happening is we walk away feeling defeated, and frustrated. Upset at the world. Upset at everyone else. But never looking at ourselves, making the necessary internal adjustments, or repenting for our behaviors. There are destinies at stake here. There are souls hanging in the balance for some of you. There is an unfolding of the plan of God concerning some of you where there is a specific timetable established. A season that is a time for sitting, or a time for fulfillment. Do not get ahead of the purpose of what God has for you. Do not get ahead of the purpose of God and do not be slacked to fall behind in your walk with Him. Walk with Him in the cadence of the rhythm of His Spirit. Walk to the beat of His heart. Don’t rush Him in the season you are in or in your personal walk with Him.

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