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A daily devotional moment by Chris Garcia

It is time for the sons of the Kingdom to take their place as sons and daughters of God. The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence. What does this mean? It means that the Kingdom of God, the things of Christ, the Gospel suffer violence. More than ever before, the enemy would see to it that he silences you. But the scriptures say that the violent take it by force and God is looking for those that have a heavenly holy authority and to take what is rightfully theirs. You are not a whimpering pup, you are a child of God and you have the boldness to access the presence of God. Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered. The Father brings you to Himself. It is time.

The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take by force. It is not an earthly violence from the world it is a Holy Spiritual captivity of darkness by force and it is time for you to know your place and who you are. You are not of this world. You are no longer under the elementary principles of this world. You are a child of God. It has been given to us a Kingdom, an authority that is part of our inheritance as sons. It’s time for the sons and daughters to take their place. However, as long as you are ignorant of what is rightfully yours, the enemy will seek to use you as a pawn. A puppet, but you are not that. You must take what is rightfully yours. You have kingdom authority. You have kingdom reign. We were meant to reign and rule with Christ. That will be fully realized in the coming Kingdom, in the millennial reign, but there is even a reality of that now.

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