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A daily devotional moment by Chris Garcia

During worship, I was overwhelmed by a moment of prophetic intercession that felt like a profound message for the church. It started with the thought, "Give yourself. Give all of yourself to the Lord." Throw yourself at the altar of His presence. Don’t take back your life. Throw yourself in His presence. Throw yourself at the altar. Abandon all. He wants all of you. Not some of you. He wants all of you, all of your attention. He says I am calling all of you. Rend your heart to Me, cry out to Me, and throw yourself to Me. The Lord says I am calling you, surrender all. Submit to me, rend your hearts and not your garments, and return to Me. For thus says the Lord, I will pour out great refreshing over thee. Fear not My presence is with you. Fear not, you righteous saints. Cry out to me day and night and I will pour out a blessing that you know not of. I will pour out a latter-day glory that you know not of. I will accelerate you. I am knocking at the door of your heart where I stand. No longer shall you choose your flesh over Me. No longer shall you choose your sin over Me, for I am a jealous God. I will have no other place. I will be number one. I will be number one in your life. I am a jealous holy God and I call you to repent. Repent to Me says the Lord. He is standing at the door of your heart and He is knocking. No more compromises. Do not compromise any longer. He is standing at the door and He is knocking. Church, you better put on the garments of praise for He is calling you. I saw so clearly that the Church has to put on a garment of praise. The overwhelming feeling that I felt in worship today was that Jesus is coming back. He is coming soon and there has got to be a great move of repentance. I see the Church swapping garments. Exchanging their filthy garments for holy garments. I see the Lord purifying His Bride from her motives and deeds. He is making intercession. He is panting like a woman in travail. He is groaning and agonizing for His Body.

There is a great exchange that I can’t even put into words. It is like a holy fear, but it’s a Godly thing. It's holy. It is not a scary thing. It is a preferential thing. The holiness of God is here. He is calling us back to holiness, purity, and consecration. No compromise. This is a word for the Body of Christ. This is not a personal word. It is for the whole Body. All He asks is that you just worship Him. Just lay yourself at the altar of His presence. Let go of the distractions. Don’t miss what is happening at the moment. Don’t confuse what’s happening. Just be in the moment with His presence. Don’t be confused about what is going on at the moment. The Holy Spirit is travailing. He is calling His Bride back to her rightful place. During the worship today, I had some glimpses of revival. Even today as I was travailing before the Lord. You cannot contain a move of the Spirit. You cannot contain a move of God that cannot be contained. When revival truly comes, you will not be able to stop or contain it. Revival begins with you. But I tell you this. Don’t be, deceived. Revival cannot come without repentance. Revival cannot come without conviction. Revival cannot come without holiness, purity, and a call to return to first love. I can feel the beat of the Father's heart and the groan of the Holy Spirit and the grieving and the joy of the Holy Spirit, all at the same time. The Spirit of God yearns jealously for you. When the Spirit falls, like He fell on us during our worship. He is yearning for you. All of you. He does not want to compete against your attention. He will have no other idols in your life. Do not confuse the call to purity and holiness for anger. No, it is a yearning of divine holy jealousy for all of you that is routed in absolute divine purity.

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