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A daily devotional moment by Chris Garcia

Many people do not know how to handle silence because it feels awkward for them. In reality, it is only awkward when you do not know the person. There is a beautiful Holy silence after worship time, where if you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit you will feel the tangible presence of God in that moment of silence. I have known the Spirit to be powerful, demonstrative, and full of manifestations and power, but I have also known a beautiful deep secrecy that lives within the silence. This morning as I was sitting before the Lord before the live stream, the thought of holy silence with the Lord overwhelmed me. I felt like I did not want to talk but just be in His Presence. It is in the beauty of the silence, that so many deep revelations are revealed. When you know the Presence of the Lord there is a very, very inviting draw in your spirit into solitude. Jesus would go into solitude prayer time to the place where He was quiet enough that He could hear the wind blow. Are you silent enough to hear the wind of the spirit blowing within you in the silence?

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