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The Lord moved 😭🔥🙌

I'm still grappling with the amazing experiences we encountered. The conference was marked by numerous transformative moments – from powerful salvation encounters, elevating praise, and profound worship to heartfelt intercession for the city, individuals repenting, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with baptisms in the Spirit, and deliverance. After the conference, an inexplicable mist filled the room, prompting people to linger, sitting in prayer and reflection, even tears. Each day was distinctly different from the last.

On Friday night (The first night of the event), the atmosphere was saturated with repentance, as people turned away from anything hindering their fellowship with God. A profound sense of awe permeated the gathering, accompanied by heartfelt prayers for the city. The spontaneity of the moment was so intense that, truthfully, I can't recall the specifics of what I preached – a testament to the organic, Spirit-led flow of the evening.

On Saturday morning (The second day of the event), we fell into a session of deep adoration, resonating with songs inspired by the Spirit. The atmosphere shifted into a holy hush, creating space for people to express adoration in both English and Spanish, accompanied by spontaneous songs in the Spirit.

Transitioning from this Spirit-filled worship, I led a session on walking in the Spirit. The teaching focused on the connection between the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the anointing, emphasizing that both are essential for living in the kingdom. The session concluded with a time for questions and answers.

On Saturday night, the focus of my message centered on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, emphasizing the power of God. There was a time of impartation through the laying on of hands, the atmosphere was filled with the Spirit. The intensity escalated to such an extent that even after the formal service, people lingered in the conference room, experiencing the presence of God. Witnessing the supernatural, my mom and dad personally encountered the tangible presence of God, marked by a visible mist resembling a cloud within the building!

This powerful encounter extended beyond the service—our entire team found themselves praising the Lord on the floor in the green room, overwhelmed by his presence. Even as we returned to our rooms the Spirit of prayer persisted to the point that the glory of God was tangible.

On Sunday morning (the third and final day of the event), our service was more of a shorter session, yet it exuded a final HURRAH!—a culmination of hunger and a palpable sense of God's presence.

I am still amazed at the lengths people went to attend; from various corners of the United States—Colorado, Delaware, California, Maryland, Texas, Nebraska, Missouri—to even spanning international borders with hungry people traveling all the way from Canada and Singapore. Engaging in conversations with attendees revealed a diverse array of anointings that characterized each meeting.

While this may have been our first gathering, I firmly believe it will evolve into a regional movement, driven by the profound hunger evident in the hearts of those who gathered. As I continue to process the events in my heart, the conviction grows that this is just the beginning of something extraordinary.

- With much LOVE and appreciation, Pastor Chris Garcia.

Life changing testimony:

"I'm sure the testimonies are pouring in... but I have to add my voice to it.

I've been struggling quite a bit with PTSD. Nightmares, anxiety, depression, and living emotionally numb. I've been working for 2 years with the VA to try and make some improvements... So far all they've done is put me on meds and teach me breathing techniques. I've done my best to keep pushing forward my husband would talk about how I would cry in my sleep at times as well.

Since Saturday I've slept without waking up and with no nightmares! And that's not all.... peace has overwhelmed my heart. The Holy Spirit's presence hasn't left me!

The yoke has truly been broken all Glory to God!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 "

We welcome you to send us your testimony of how the Lord changed your life at the conference by emailing us at

Upcoming events and further information

We want to welcome you to go to our events tab on our website in order to start saving the date for Houston, TX 2024! The event signup is coming soon.

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This past weekend was life changing. I am so thankful, as many are, that you all said, Yes" and operated in obedience and in Spirit and Truth.

I was impacted with every teaching, worship and prayer, but my most pivotal moment was my encounter with Jesus on Saturday night and as I watched everyone get slain etc during the impartation I wasn't sure what would happen, I did not get slain, but I heard the name of Jesus as you prayed and for the first time in my 58 years on this earth received a gift of peace. Pure peace that has saturated me inside and out. I walk differently, I see differently and my ambition to serve Jesus an…


Brad Compton
Brad Compton
Nov 22, 2023

WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! It was such a profound experience. A "regional phenomenon" is a perfect way to explain what I'm feeling as well. This is only the beginning and I can't wait to see what God is going to do! ALL GLORY TO OUR KING JESUS!

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