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A daily devotional moment by Chris Garcia

Jesus is the bread of life. Jesus gave His life. Jesus tells us these words. He says “I tell you the truth, unless a grain of wheat falls onto the floor and dies, it cannot produce the harvest of the fruit." What is bread made out of? The harvest field. The wheat. When you consume Christ, you will hunger after Christ and desire His heart which is the harvest of souls. Jesus is the bread of life. It is interesting that during the time of the Passover, the Israelites would eat unleavened bread. God told them to remove the yeast from the bread. "Thus you shall make unleavened bread." The reason why the yeast was to be removed during the time of the exodus, was to show Israel that sin could not be in the midst of them. It was a type and shadow of sin. So they had to commit this bread without yeast, without sin. Not only was this bread without yeast or sin, but it was also baked. The way that the bread looked is that it was striped because it was put in a fire. Because there was no yeast, it was like a cracker. It had brown stripes, and it was pierced because it could not rise. So you had to poke holes in it. Are you getting what I am referring to? How was the bread consumed? Christ was striped, He was beaten, and by His stripes, we are healed. The bread was consumed in the fire in the wrath of God for our sins. He was striped and pierced. He who knew no sin became sin for us. His body was broken. His body was the bread. This is why Jesus said in the upper room in the Last Supper, "take this each and every one of you, this is my body which is broken for the sins of the world."

Historical study of the Jewish Passover celebration will show you that during the celebration they would take the bread matzo (pronounced matzha) and set it aside in a cloth covering. They would then take the bread and place it into a cloth covering with 3 separate compartments. This was called the Afikoman ( pronounced It was into each of the pockets that you would put a Matzo or unleavened bread into. Now during the Seder meal ceremony, the Matzo was shared with those in attendance but one matzo was set aside and stashed in a hidden compartment in the Afikoman. The father would then take this afikoman and hide it somewhere in the house. Tradition would have the youngest child of the household search to find the Afikoman and once found, he would then return it to the father for a reward. Usually the reward would be a golden token. A coin or nowadays cash. What I am saying is, just as God is one yet 3, the Father wasn’t touched, the Spirit wasn’t touched, the Son of man was made manifest. Striped and pierced for our iniquities. Broken and given to us all. We as children receive the Father's reward when we seek Him for who He is and then find Him. He that was wrapped in linen for us is now resurrected in living bread.

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