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A daily devotional moment by Chris Garcia

I would like to share a testimony as to how upside down the Kingdom seems to us at times. In my second year of Bible school, it was a really rough time for me financially. I did not have a car or means of transportation, and my paycheck was around $237 dollars a month, maybe. I had a friend of mine who I discipled in the beginning and who is now a pastor for the Glory of Christ. At that time, I recall that we were the same size in clothing. I remembered that he was in need of clothing, so I blessed him with half of my wardrobe. At this time, I was going through some financial difficulties myself. I remember walking to my job and I had literal holes in my shoes. I had a broken belt. I spent much time in prayer. Much time studying and I was able to work as I could according to the schedule of school. I remember there were times when it was raining and as I walk my shoes would be completely drenched because of the holes in my shoes. One day, I got so fed up and tired. In my mind, I was thinking this does not make any sense. I had a moment of weakness. Have you ever had a moment of weakness where you love God but you get upset with the Lord? I have been there many times. I remember that I went outside in the parking lot shaking my fist at the Heavens, at God. I was getting so angry and I said, “Lord, this does not make any sense. I am in Bible school. I am seeking Your face. I am doing all these things for Your glory. I am loving You. I have holes in my shoes. I have a broken belt. I don’t have a vehicle and I am struggling and I know that I am in Your will.” I go back inside and the host of the restaurant where I was working at, says to me, she perceived by the Spirit, that something was off with me, so she said to me, “Hey it's ok. God has got your back.” When she said this, I got so angry. I go outside after that and started yelling at the Lord again. “God, don’t you see me? Don’t you see what I am going through? I am not asking for much.”

All of a sudden, out of the blue, I get a thought in my mind. The thought that came to me was, to “Go to Kohl's.” This was in the parking lot that was across the street from where I was standing. I remember that the thought came to me all of a sudden and said “Go to Kohl's” It was very clear. When the Spirit of God speaks, He can say one thing and you know exactly what He is saying. It was with that one voice “Go to Kohl's” that left me with the feeling that when you get there you will receive more. I simply had to obey the first Voice. So I stepped out and at that time, I had nothing else to do so I walked through Kohl's entrance when I heard a second voice in my Spirit. He said, “Lay hands on all the clothes you need.” I must say I felt embarrassed and silly. So I walk over there with my insecure self looking around as I lay hands on socks, underwear, belts, jackets, and shoes. As I am thanking the Lord, I am looking around at the same time to make sure nobody sees what I am doing. "Lord, I thank you for that." Looking around I said, "Lord I thank you for this." Making sure no one could see me or what I was doing. The Lord said “Thanking me for these things” That's Kingdom. The Lord said to me, "When you pray believe that you have received them and you shall have them." So after all this, I walk away from Kohl's with absolutely nothing in my hands from the natural. But I was full of faith because I obeyed the voice of the Lord and I walked myself a couple of blocks to my house. Three months later, I had forgotten all about that encounter and experience. We took communion on Sunday night and the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. He said, “I want you now to fast for 3 days.” He says, "I want you to seek Me with all your heart." So I obeyed immediately. I nourished myself upon the Word of God. I began to meditate on the Scripture. I prayed and spent time just loving Him. The third day comes. I complete the fast and have a meal. It was a Wednesday and I did not feel like I wanted to walk two blocks to the church. The church I attended was huge. It had about seven thousand people at that time. I walked there reluctantly, almost deciding not to go. During worship, as I was worshiping and loving on Him, suddenly an older woman turns around and looks at me. She was staring at me to the point where I began to feel uncomfortable.

At that moment, I was thinking, "Who is this person?" Feeling discomfort at this odd eye contact, I was looking away, looking for a quick escape. As soon as worship is over, she makes a “B” line straight to me and puts both hands on my shoulders, and says. “I know you don’t know me, but I am one of the students in your class.” She goes on to say, “I noticed how serious and studious you are. I also noticed that you are not here to play games. Always reading and writing.” She goes on to say, “The Lord wants you to know that you have a strong call of God on your life and the Lord has asked me to sow into you.” She asked me “What do you need?” I was very bashful at that time and started to turn away looking down. She grabbed my shoulders and I said, "Nothing I am ok.” She said, “No, the Lord is showing me there is something you are in need of.” I responded, "Well there are a lot of things that I am in need of." I kind of looked away as I did not want to look at her. She said, “Look at me.” She said, “Young man, next Tuesday I am instructed to take you to Kohl's to buy you some clothes.” Immediately as she said that, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the three months before. He took me back and asked me. “Do you remember when I asked you to lay hands on all of the clothing that you needed?” “Do you remember when you were complaining, I led you?” “Do you remember when you sowed half of your clothes to that new believer I asked you to disciple?” “Do you remember when I asked you to fast and seek me for three days?” “Do you see how I have responded to you as you worshiped?” The thought "Seek first the Kingdom came to mind." I began to weep. That precious dear sister took me to Kohl's and said, “Buy whatever you need. It is on me.” I purchased everything and she paid for it all. God wants to provide. But we have to do things His way, not ours. We can’t look to men for provisions. We look to the Lord and He provides. We need to seek first the Kingdom. We need to prioritize our spiritual walk with Him. We need to meditate upon His Words and delight ourselves in Him and He will give us the desire of the heart. Isn’t God so powerful? Seek first the Kingdom. Seek first His Righteousnesses. Instead of looking for nourishment, look to be nourished in spirit. Instead of looking for the provision, seek the Provider. Instead of looking for healing, consider dwelling with the Healer.

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