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A daily devotional moment by Chris Garcia

So many times we wait for God to do things for us, when in reality God is waiting on us to do our part. Peter would not have walked on water if he did not naturally get out of the boat and step on the water. The little boy with the loaves and fish would have never seen the miracle of multiplication if he had not taken what he already had and placed it on to the Masters hand. Moses would have never seen the waters parted had he not taken his staff and placed it on the water. In the grace of God, there is a call to participation. God wants to save the souls of men but he is not going to do it without his body participating in that divine grace. You see what I am saying here? Basically, we have got change the way in which we view things. We wait on God. Yes there is a time of waiting before the presence of God. We teach on this often. We wait on the presence of the Lord. Without the direction of the Lord, everything is pointless. You understand? But after hearing from the Lord and getting direction from Him, that would then now be the time for us to do our part. Think about this. How did you come to Jesus? You came to Christ because Christ used a person to reach out to you. This can be related for everyday life. The Kingdom of God must be stewarded correctly. We did not stumble on this topic by accident. This is inspired by the Lord for you that have ears to hear. There are things in your life that God wants to reorder. I think there are things in your house that God wants you to get in order. There are things that you may be waiting on God to do. While God is waiting on YOU to do your part. You must take the step. You have got to do your part. Something that is real ironic and funny is found right before Moses needed to part the waters. He is crying out to God all night. When God says to him, "why are you crying out to Me?" You do something, you strike the water. I can’t help but to think that many times that might be the very response to us from the Lord.

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