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Entering into communion with God begins with the exaltation of His name. Let's explore Jesus' response to his disciples in order to better understand this concept:

When they asked Him “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1, NASB), the Lord taught them the following “When you pray, say: ‘Father, hallowed be Your name." (Luke 11:2, NASB).

This lesson starts at the 1 hour 20 minute mark in the video below! We encourage you to come worship and learn with us.

The power found in the name of Jesus is like a special key that unlocks a strong and close connection to God. When we use the name of Jesus, it's not just a word; it's a way of reaching out to God with trust and faith.

Here's how it applies to our lives:

  1. Prayer: When we say "in Jesus' name," we're asking God to listen to us because of our faith in Jesus. Jesus' name is a source of hope, love, and connection to God

  2. Forgiveness and Salvation: When we say Jesus' name while seeking forgiveness, it's a way of saying we believe that through Jesus, God forgives our mistakes and offers us a fresh start. It reminds us that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross can save us from our wrongdoings.

  3. Strength and Comfort: In tough times, saying Jesus' name can give us strength and comfort. It's like knowing that Jesus is there with us, helping us face challenges and bringing us peace in our hearts.

  4. Protection: We may ask for Jesus' protection because we trust that he can keep us safe from harm or evil. It's a way of relying on his love and care.

  5. Guidance: When we seek guidance in Jesus' name, it's like asking for his wisdom and direction in our decisions. We believe he can show us the right path in life.

  6. Community and Support: Believers often gather in Jesus' name, forming a community of faith. This community provides support, friendship, and a place to grow spiritually together.

As mentioned above, In our lives as Christians, the power of Jesus' name is a source of hope, love, and connection to God. It's like a strong and loving hand guiding us through life's journey, helping us when we need it most.

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