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A daily devotional moment by Chris Garcia

What we tend to not realize in our worship time, is that our mindsets tend to get in the way. With all these desires and things that we need, it becomes a focused distraction on us and not Him. What we don’t realize is that if we give Him all of our life, If we throw our lives at the altar of Christ, He then lights the flame. He provides the fire. He empowers us. It is all about Him. When we shift our mindset from selfish needs and desires, we can feel a tangible shift in His presence. The power is present because the power is in the Cross. The preaching of the cross may be foolish to the world, but it is the power of God when we make it all about what He has done for us. When we make it about Christ and only Christ the Christ crucified. The Christ barring our sin, shame, and guilt. When we make it about Him and only Him and not about us and what we want to get out of the relationship with Him. He then naturally empowers us. Because that is where the power is. The power is in giving Him glory. The power is in giving Him honor and worship. The power is in Him. He is not a cosmic sugar daddy. He is not a prostitute or pimp. He is a holy King and He wants to empower us and grace us. He wants to give us those things that we boldly need and ask for. But what happens is, that we do not give Him the proper glory that He deserves. When you give Him the proper glory, you will receive everything that comes from Him. This is because it is not about you anymore. It is about Him. There was a righteous anger that came up in my spirit during worship because I felt that there were too many of us lost in our wants, desires, and needs. The focused distraction was taking away from the presence that was there, right in front of you. Lost in the "I need this or that, me, me, me needs." What about Him? What about His sacrifices for you? What about what He has done for you? What He is doing for you? What about Who He is? What about His blood? His sacrifice? What about Him? This sacred time should be a focus time of all worship about Him and only Him. Glorifying Him and all that He represents. We have become like children in our worship time. Selfish little children lost in our me, me, me needs. I know that sounds harsh but as uncomfortable as it all sounds, it is important to recognize why we are gathering and worshiping. What is the most important thing?

Staying focused on the most important thing which is Him and what He has done. What He represents. He is the Son of God sent by our Heavenly Father for us. Sent to save us for ourselves. Doesn’t that warrant you letting go of your selfish personal needs for just a moment? Giving Him your complete focus in all praise and honor? For Him. I remember one time when I was in my house in Florida. I’ll never forget this day. I remember very clearly that once I got up all I was doing was complaining. It was nonstop, "God I do not feel you. God, I need this. You are not here right now." I was essentially trying to force God to touch me. I am telling you this because it brings glory to God. I am not afraid to look foolish before you. I am not afraid to expose my vulnerabilities to you and not ashamed to be weak in front of you because that is where His power is. His power is displayed when you are weak. Too many leaders put up a front. Then everyone looks up to that leader like they are perfect. When in reality, nothing is further from the truth. I remember very clearly I was in my living room in my house. I am over there just complaining and getting upset. Not understanding why I can’t feel God or His presence. Not understanding why I can’t experience Him. Feeling stuck. Feeling spiritually dry and lethargic. I was feeling like I did not want to be there. I was just getting bent out of shape and frustrated at how I was feeling. I was trying so hard at that moment. I just wanted to please God at that moment but it was such a drag, such a chore. It was like hitting a brick wall. All of a sudden, I just gave up. I was really trying to feel God and I just let it go and gave up. I just sat there and did nothing and said nothing. I essentially just gave up and resigned at that moment. All of a sudden, a song just came to my heart. This happened just as soon as I gave up. The words of the song came, “Jesus' blood never fails me. Jesus Blood never fails me.” As I was sitting there I began to sing the song in my head and then out loud. I began to magnify the blood of Jesus. Just singing the song and focusing on the lyric and its profound meaning. As I continued singing about the blood of Jesus, all of a sudden the presence and glory of Christ flooded me. Because I was looking at Him. I was worshiping Him for Him and thanking Him for the Blood. Giving Him the glory that He deserves for what He has done.

I was overtaken by the fact that He gave His life. That He offered His life for us. I was overtaken by the reality that His body was broken. That He gave His body and His soul willingly for us. To the Lord, at that moment, as an offering. The Lamb of God brutally and savagely slaughtered for us. I thought about the wounds and the nails driven into His hands and feet. While I am over hear complaining, I thought about how worthy He is. How broken He was. The abuse He had knowingly endured for us. I was emotionally overwhelmed and had to repent for my selfishness. Sometimes we can be so selfish with God. We forget how much He loves us. We forget the price that He paid. We forget how much He had to suffer. We forget how much He was broken. In contrast and emotionally broken, all I could think about was Him, all that He represents, and where my mind was selfishly stuck just prior.

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Irene Murrell
Irene Murrell

😭🙏 God your timing is always perfect i needed this, i will not look to the left i will not look to the right i must keep my focus on Jesus and only Jesus

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