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A daily devotional moment by Chris Garcia

What a powerful day in the presence of God. As we transitioned out of worship I had, a vision of folks being tired of raising hands and waiting on the lord. The message was the lord was waiting on us to respond to him. This shifted into the courts of heaven a vision of the realization of its presence being unveiled during our worship time. The scripture “may thy kingdom come as it is in heaven.” Took on a profound meaning. As we continued to unpack this my brother Jojo was inspired to ask for clarification as to what exactly is the tabernacle. What is the Tabernacle? The discussion to follow was an in-depth discussion on the original tabernacle instructed by God to Moses to create the Arc of the Covenant. The subsequent profound discussions drew a comparison between the original tabernacle and the temple later created by King David for the lord's presence to be housed for the Israelites and its construction for the inner and outer structure. Jesus is the glory of God tabernacled in human flesh and we bear Christ as his temple.

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