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A daily devotional moment by Chris Garcia

Do you know what is awesome about Jesus? He is always faithful and always brings you to Himself. You can come to Him tired and fatigued. He then releases refreshing and rejuvenation onto you. You can come broken. He releases wholeness. You come humbled and He lifts you unto Himself. He is alive forevermore and He is worthy to be praised. You can come into His presence one way and leave another way and be forever changed. Whatever we behold, we become full of. If we behold our issues, worries, fears, and all our concerns, then that is what we will be full of. But if we empty ourselves and come to Him, we will become full of Him. The only people that the Lord turns away are those people that are full of themselves. For He opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble for His glory. He’s loving. He is kind. He is gentle. He is merciful and He is also Holy. May we never ever lose sight of the Holiness of God. When we approach Him, we give Him reverence. He is a holy God. He is kind. He is merciful but at the same time, He is Holy. We tread carefully in His presence. Never ever taking His presence for common. We must cherish every moment with the Spirit as a special moment with Him. May we never ever lose sight of that. Ever. The moment that we treat God as common, as a task or a chore, or something we do or need to do as a task on our list, we would then begin to lose the awareness of His presence in our lives. We ought to always approach Him with awe and wonder. Maybe you have lost your awe and wonder for Him. It is only because the eyes grow dim. But if you sit and soak and yoke with Jesus, the Spirit will cause you to be rejuvenated and captivated by Christ and it is wonderful.

As I was sitting before the Lord during our morning Fresh Oil worship, it happened immediately or as soon as we started worshiping, I saw the Lord standing before us. He was distributing to each and every one of us a piece of bread. Essentially giving each of us fresh mana. Mana from heaven. We ought to live our lives dependent on Him. He is the living bread. Then I saw this, I could see this wonderful inner vision as we were worshiping in that space. Now this may be somewhat offensive to religious people, but who cares. You can discern it and judge it for yourselves. I saw the Lord washing us. Washing our feet and serving us in His humility, with oil. With that sweet balm of anointing. God is not just someone who has humility. He IS humility Himself personified. When we get on our knees worshiping Him, he gets on His knees and blesses us. How can you say that pastor Chris? Well, it’s in the Bible. In the Book of Numbers, the scriptures declare “May the Lord bless you and keep you, may his Face shine on you, may He give you peace.” The word "bless" equates to when a Father gets on their knees and offers a present to their child to bless them. That is what God is like. He rejoices in His children. Yes, He is Holy, High, and lifted up. Yes, he is absolute purity and the King of all Glory. But this King is also our Heavenly Father and He sings over us songs of deliverance. Songs of Freedom. He blesses us as we bless Him. When the lost son, in the parable of the prodigal son, leaves and then comes back, the father stands, when he sees him from a distance and runs towards him. Puts a ring on his finger, dawns him with a new cloak, and places new sandals at his feet. The scripture says he embraces him. The embrace is a violent hug fueled with love and passion. That is the Father. That is what He is like. So far different from how we perceive Him at times. He simply loves us so much.

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